All the Reason’s Pam Wanted Me To Quit Regular Chew

All the Reason’s Pam Wanted Me To Quit Regular Chew

Many years ago, without fully understanding the consequences of my actions, I began smoking cigarettes. Of course, I ultimately learned that nicotine was what fueled my addiction. Eventually, Pam got sick of me constantly smelling like cigarette smoke. She didn’t want to be around me because the smell just lingered all around me—my clothes smelled like it, and the stench in my truck was too much for Pam. 

She wouldn’t even ride in my truck anymore and drove her Jeep everywhere we went. Pam hated not only the smell, but also the damage I was doing to my body. The health risks I was taking from smoking finally pushed me towards a better option, chewing tobacco. Well, or at least what I thought was a better option at the time. But, boy, was I ever wrong.

Smokeless tobacco is just as bad and harmful as cigarettes. All of the health risks and chemicals from cigarettes are also in chewing tobacco. Actually, chewing tobacco brings even more. Switching from cigarettes to chewing tobacco may seem like a fantastic choice, but it is not a healthy alternative. Your body is still being put at risk for heart disease and cancer. While yes, your lungs aren’t getting all the smoke in them, your body is still getting all of the chemicals from tobacco, just in a different way.

The addiction my body had to nicotine was still there with tobacco snuff. Having to check that my snuff was always with me before heading out anywhere was not enjoyable. It was a daily task that reminded me that I was captive of my own addiction. One day, Pam and I headed out for the day to fish on the lake. And, of course, I forgot to pack a can of snuff—and my emergency can in my truck was empty. 

My other stash on my boat was empty. So instead of spending a relaxing day in the sun catching dinner, Pam and I had to head home so I wouldn’t be without that damn snuff. Being that dependent on one thing alone is reason enough to quit. If that wasn’t reason enough, making Pam upset for ruining the day out fishing was another reason to switch to an herbal solution.

The Ever-Growing List Of Health Risks

While the addiction to nicotine alone is enough of a reason to want to switch to something more natural, like Schmitty’s herbal snuff, there are even more countless problems from chewing tobacco.

Having good overall health is something that’s important to me. Spending my day in a waiting room reading boring magazines articles while waiting for the doctor’s appointment that is never actually on time is a waste of my time. I’d rather be outside doing something that I enjoy. So anything that I can do to help avoid going to the doctor is a priority for me.

Chewing tobacco is disastrous for one’s entire body, especially one’s oral health. Switching to smokeless tobacco meant that my clothes and truck didn’t reek of cigarette smoke, which Pam appreciated, but it meant that now I had foul breath all of the time, which Pam despised. She didn’t like to kiss me anymore because of my awful breath—this should have been enough to finally motivate me to get tobacco out of my life once and for all.

As I was debating whether to quit tobacco or not, the list of problems I was facing continued to build up. The staining of my teeth was annoying. Yellow teeth do not make a smile look charming. While bad breath and discolored teeth are relatively superficial things, tooth decay and gum disease are serious health risks that come from chewing tobacco.

Since the nicotine is absorbed through oral tissue, it causes a reduction in blood flow, and in return, leads to dental disease. Now, I’m definitely not about my looks being “hip” or making sure I’m staying up-to-date with the latest trends, but having a mouth full of teeth is important. I don’t need Pam running around with a man missing half of his teeth.

Tobacco brings with it over 30 chemicals that scientists know to cause cancer. Additionally, chewing tobacco dramatically increases the chances of cancer of the mouth. What is even worse is the rate of surviving oral cancer is low. After five years, roughly 58 percent of those diagnosed with oral cancer survive.

All of these risk factors were enough for Pam to convince me that it was time to let my powerful nicotine addiction go. Instead of damaging my body irreversibly, I needed to find something to help it instead. Pam helped me to find an herbal solution with Schmitty’s herbal snuff.

The Herbal Stuff

Going cold turkey and not having any snuff would not be a successful route for me to kick my dependency on tobacco—so I needed to find an alternative option. Pam helped me look into the possibility of having an herbal snuff. Instead of continuing to hurt my body, herbal snuff can have a positive impact.

Pam, excited about the change I wanted to bring into my life, even went to the point of making an herbal snuff. She knew exactly what I wanted and how to help me curb my addiction and finally get control of tobacco instead of it controlling me.

She found the best ingredients possible to make Schmitty’s herbal snuff. I still get the same great taste and flavor that I’m used to with Schmitty’s. The herbal snuff aids your body’s health rather than dragging it down.

The tea substrate is known to give your dental, heart, and digestive system a boost. So isn’t it time to take care of your body rather than damaging it even more? Also, having my herbal snuff made the transition to get nicotine out of life even easier.

Having a snuff that still tastes like the real deal made the switch even more effortless. Once I got through that initial withdrawal phase, nothing was holding me back. I can hit the lake for the day and not worry about whether I brought enough chewing tobacco for the day. Instead of tobacco holding me back from enjoying everything that life offers, I now control it.

Since I no longer have to have chew with me to get through my day, I can rest easy knowing that I am enjoying, not addicted to, my delicious Schmitty’s Herbal Snuff.