Chewing Tobacco Alternative Reviews

Chewing Tobacco Alternative Reviews

If you’ve tried quitting chewing tobacco and other tobacco products, trust me—you’re not alone. I’ve tried so many different products before Pam took it upon herself to make her own batch. It seems like everyone had an idea on how to quit chewing tobacco. I’ve had the pleasure to see how other brands stack up against Schmitty’s Herbal Snuff.


Schmitty’s Herbal Snuff

Is it weird that I start with my own snuff? Well, I don’t think so. While I will always believe that ours is the best around, I want to show why. First, we try to replicate the feel, taste, and consistency of the long-cut, loose-style puck that I was originally used to. With that, we considered our flavors to be one of our greatest strengths.

Flavors like Wintergreen, Mint, and Original are just plain likable. However, once you get into different flavors, there’s a bigger chance that more people won’t like it. Maybe it’s too sweet or isn’t a strong enough flavor. 

Another thing that sets Schmitty’s apart is the variety of products we offer. We got pouches if you’d like more of a chew. We also have those with additional herbal benefits. We have our Schmitty’s Sleep Herbal Snuff Pouches and Schmitty’s Energy Herbal Snuff Pouches, both available in the three original flavors. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

If I were taking a trip outdoors, this would be, without a doubt, my first choice. It’s not just because my name is on the puck too!


TeaZa Smokeless Tobacco Alternative

This is one of the first ones that popped up. They seem to be pretty popular, but I just couldn’t get into it. Their three flavors, Peppermint, Cool Mint Chill, and Cherry, are not something to write home to momma about—they were either too strong or too sweet. It also has some very small roots and tea leaves, making their texture a little bit inconsistent and dry. It sounds like I’m being real nitpicky, but I feel that it should be a bit higher quality for the price and size of the product offered.

I feel like if they kept their product a little bit closer to the real thing and toned down their flavors, it’d be much better. The two things that matter most when replacing tobacco snuff are the taste and cut.


Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff

This one was a little bit different in every way. I enjoyed the look of the packaging, which looked classy and natural. Just by looking at it, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was tobacco-free. You can definitely tell when you pack your first lip, though. It’s different. Which could be bad or good, but it’s made from different ingredients than what I am used to seeing and feeling. 

It’s made out of a whole bunch of different ingredients like kudzu root, corn silk, and cayenne pepper—it’s this close to being a damn piece of food! This brings up another thing; I thought the last brand had some pretty funky flavors. While they definitely did, this brand has way more different flavors, and half of them are fruits.

Despite that, trying the traditional flavors was more up my alley. The wintergreen flavor was possibly the best as it is the most overall popular flavor, but it didn’t quite replicate it. The corn silk also kind of got stuck in my teeth. Again, not my favorite experience to have to deal with when I’m trying to pack a lip.


BaccOff Snuff Alternative

First off, this design is a little misleading. It looks like a puck, but its design and name look like some sort of pest repellant. There’s a very strong, funky smell coming from the chew on first impression. It doesn’t smell very appealing to the point where I wondered if I even had the right product in my hand. However, other than Schmitty’s, it does look the most like traditional snuff compared to most of the alternatives I’ve tested.

Right from the moment I put it in my mouth, this taste is not the way to go. I nearly spit the whole thing out right away, but I tried being strong. I got through it for about thirty seconds, and then I couldn’t do it. So personally, I’d try any of the other alternatives before this one.


After Trying The Rest, Try The Best 

From trying a few of the snuff alternatives on the market, I can safely say I would only use Schmitty’s Herbal Snuff. Pam did her best to ensure our products use the best ingredients that feel and taste right. Of course, I would prefer my own products and have biases, but trying other ones just shows how much work we put in for our unique blends.

When testing these alternatives, I’m sure that a lot of work is put into these products as well. Most of them are also made with tea mixtures of different kinds, but none accomplish the same thing as Schmitty’s. What sets our products apart from the others is the dedication to authenticity. The taste, the feel, and the consistency are all important parts of the snuffing experience.

Some of those parts seem inspired, and some of them are even well-done, but none of them nail down the whole experience. Another positive is its tea substrate. Our herbal snuff is specifically safe for you to swallow and can even be healthy for your heart, mouth, and digestive system.

All in all, the only thing I can do is thank Pam. She put in the work, and the care she put in really shines through too. There is no true substitute for snuff, but developing the herbal snuff changed my life. I am happier and healthier because of what she did. Nothing is better than spending the afternoon with her outdoors with our creation. With our herbal snuff, we’ll be able to enjoy a lot more of those afternoons for many years to come.