Meet The #KillTheCan Movement

Meet The #KillTheCan Movement

There are probably many of you out there who are familiar with chewing tobacco, and you may even be a user of the product. Maybe you’re not ready to give up nicotine just yet, so you look for smokeless alternatives, and chewing tobacco happens to be one of them. The rush of concentrated nicotine that it provides gives you a better buzz than the average cigarette.

Of course, this makes it seem like the perfect alternative. You can continue to get your nicotine fix and quit smoking simultaneously. However, too much nicotine can be quite harmful, just like anything else in life. The risks involved are too strong to ignore, and you need to be aware of them. This is why we exist, because we’ve been through all this before, and we want to help you too. 

We are an organization dedicated to increasing the overall awareness of the dangers of chewing tobacco. But unfortunately, some initiatives use forced relatability that is impossible to take seriously or overbearing scare tactics that make you feel ashamed to use nicotine at all, which may be even more harmful. We are here to tell you that we are not like those organizations.  

This isn’t a collection of presumed experts who will act as though we can relate in areas of life we can’t possibly understand. Instead, we are simply a group of people who want to make a positive difference in people's daily lives—we are


Our Mission Against the Dangers of Chewing Tobacco 

Given how visible the effects of smoking are, to the point where people near smokers can suffer from secondhand smoke, it’s easy to see why people would rush to find alternatives. However, given how chewing tobacco can be more dangerous than simple cigarettes, relying on the visual effects of smoking rather than the internal effects of chewing can prove a problem.

Smoking is a major cause of lung cancer and breathing problems, but what you probably didn’t know is chewing tobacco can also cause cancer. Mouth cancer is exactly what it sounds like: cancer that targets a person’s oral functions, and is usually found as growths or sores on the cheek, gums, and other areas.

They do not go away with time and are known to cause cavities, which is another problem altogether. Over 36,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer alone annually, and over 24,000 people are diagnosed with oral cavities and pharynx cancer.

Think about those numbers for a minute—over 60,000 people are likely to acquire a disease or medical problem just from chewing tobacco, people who we could potentially lead to a less harmful path for themselves.


Reducing Harm and Overall Risk

Of course, you can prevent severe symptoms when they are caught, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is that this could be prevented or even just reduced if people were more open to finally quitting tobacco. This doesn’t mean that this process will be quick and easy, though.

We are not trying to encourage smoking as a substitute for chewable tobacco, either. The real goal of #KilltheCan is to weaken the hold that nicotine can have over people. This includes the practice of smoking just as much as tobacco and similar substances—in fact, we are openly against smoking as it directly cancels out our goal of helping people be free of tobacco addiction.

At this point, it would seem highly hypocritical to say all of this without providing any kind of solution. Sure, we can talk about kicking the habit all day, but it’s not that simple. We can’t magically make someone suddenly stop relying on the thing that gets them through the day; that kind of rushed mindset wouldn’t be effective or fair to anyone.

If you have taken a good look at our website, you may have stumbled upon some chewing tobacco alternatives. For those who may have a harder time quitting, you may want to invest in a tobacco-free chew. Of course, there’s no guarantee that it will fill the void, but maybe you can find some comfort in a familiar product that can provide a distraction from nicotine. Quitting cold turkey is a hard thing to do for any bad habit, so maybe our alternatives can help ease your transition.


We Are a Support Group with Open Arms for Everyone

#KillTheCan is not just another movement aimed at one specific cause; it’s much more than that. The very thing that we have truly aimed to create is a supportive, safe space. A large issue that people face when wanting to quit using any dangerous substance or product is the feeling of loneliness.

There are many types of drugs that exist outside of chewing tobacco, so it is natural to feel like your addiction is shared with only a small percentage of people. This feeling can become much stronger when you consider all the stereotypes associated with people who use chewing tobacco.

A lot of people believe that this drug is just for rural, southern folks who live in the backwoods of America. This assumption makes it easy to assume that tobacco chewers are rare in other parts of the country. But of course, this simply isn’t true, and there are actually many more of us out there than you may realize.


Join The Movement Today

Our members have nearly every background possible, from business executives in coastal megacities to farmers on the open plains and your average ordinary Joe in between it all. Where you came from or what kind of life you’ve had does not matter, because there is a good chance that someone among us has had the same experiences as you.

Our differences are what truly unites us all as recovering nicotine addicts. We have proven that no boundaries can prevent us from supporting one another. Hopefully, our sense of shared trust and cooperation has helped you realize that we are here for you.

Even if you reach that point where it feels impossible to quit, we hope that you can rely on us to help you ease that burden and face any problems you may encounter in the future.