What are Dip, Chew, and Snuff Alternatives?

What are Dip, Chew, and Snuff Alternatives?

After a few years, there have been many signs that I need to quit chewing tobacco. Of course, I was already successful in quitting cigarettes, which was another mistake entirely, but the need for nicotine was still difficult for me to kick.

I tried to switch to snuff, which had its own complications. It has the same adverse health effects as smoking, but your body receives it in different ways. Long-term use can also lead to your mouth developing dental problems or even oral cancer. So long story short, I needed a way to quit chewing tobacco once and for all.

What started as a harmless thing to do outdoors turned into another unhealthy habit I wanted to get rid of. I would do it when I was fishing with my buddies to feel more relaxed and not feel bad about potentially discarding the cigarette butts into nature. What are these activities good for if I’m not respecting the land responsibly?

I knew it was bad when Pam wasn’t showing me the same kind of love I was used to. When it was cigarettes, the stench of my clothes wasn’t to her liking, and when it was snuff, my breath turned her away. It wasn’t good for my relationship, and it wasn’t good for my health. So, in essence, I needed to find an alternative finally.


Methods I Tried

When I looked up “how to quit chewing tobacco” on Google, there were loads of different products I hadn’t even considered. So I ordered the ones that seemed like decent alternatives. I tried nicotine patches, gum, and even nasal sprays. None of those methods exactly hit the right spots. I was used to a certain feel and method that came with chewing tobacco or snuff.

Not only that, but these nicotine products only did so much for my addiction. They had ways of leveling off my nicotine dosage because we know cold turkey is only good for sandwiches. However, if I ever got to the point where I reached the lowest dose possible with their nicotine, there was nothing I could do to go nicotine-free. Nothing encouraged me to finally take the plunge.

It dawned on me that maybe tobacco-free snuff was the way to go. I could solve both of those problems with one solution. There were a lot of products on the market when I got a few to sample. While it fulfilled the whole method of the tobacco products I was used to, some of it didn’t feel quite right. Either the consistency of the product didn’t feel right, or I just felt like I was chewing on paper. Getting the right cut of snuff was something difficult to pin down.

After trying all these herbal snuff alternatives, no one managed to get the consistency and cut right. Even though I wanted to quit snuff, there were certain characteristics that these products didn’t get down pat. Pam was cheering me on from the sidelines all this time. All she did was root for me to get better so we could live happily and healthy together. Finally, after seeing all these products build up hope and let me down, she decided it was time to quit cheerleading and check into the game.


Why We Stand by Our Product

After trial and error with all these other products, Pam decided to do it herself. Maybe it was because of how she was raised, or she was just excited to take better steps to get me right, but eventually, she started developing her own batches over time.

When she was helping me, she wanted to pick my brain and see what I liked about snuff. It was difficult to admit, but I enjoyed the calming aspect that kind of made me feel energized at the same time. As with all tobacco products, those effects aren’t good for long-term use and don’t even last very long as well. Being the genius and health nut she is, Pam brought up the idea of making snuff that was actually good for you. Crazy as it seems, she roped me into thinking it was a believable and great idea.

We looked for alternatives that made sense. Eventually, we arrived at tea—maybe the last solution I thought would work, but we saw potential in the product. Of course, there was a lot of trial and error in our process. We got closer and closer until we reached batch #134. That was the one that ultimately made me make the switch.

Our refined tea substrate was the perfect alternative if you’re accustomed to chewing snuff. Instead of being bad for you, we made it healthy and enjoyable without compromising taste or cut. It’s good for your mouth, gut, and heart. We made it energizing, non-toxic, and even safe to swallow (which, let’s be honest, happens to the best of us). The best part is that it smells great without tasting or smelling too sweet. None of those gross odors that made Pam run for the woods whenever I came close to her—it’s as close to a relationship saver as it is a lifesaver!

I’ve always been a long cut, loose style kind of guy, and Pam made sure she made it the way I like it. I guarantee others with my problem will too. But, overall, what Pam made with that beautiful brain of hers, actually saved my life. Now our country hospitality wouldn’t be genuine if we didn’t want to share Schmitt’s Herbal Snuff with you, would it? I can’t be caught in the woods, in the lake, or leaving the house without it. Pam likes it, I love it, and we’re sure you’re going to love this puck too.