What are the Benefits of Herbal Snuff?

What are the Benefits of Herbal Snuff?

Quitting tobacco products is a good thing in itself. They cause cancer and are filled with terrible ingredients that we know are bad for our bodies. But unfortunately, after learning about how to quit tobacco, the next steps often aren’t as clear. Now, we’re getting into the territory of all these health supplements–and that’s a whole new beast. I see these things on the news that people will be taking things like fish oil and dandelion root, while I was just taught to eat right and exercise growing up.

While I’m mostly joshing, it does pay to do your research. Everybody and their mommas are putting anything out there in the market and will call it “herbal,” but Pam and I are a little bit smarter than that. Not only do we care about what we put in our bodies, we care that we’re being one hundred percent honest with you folks.


What You’re Moving on From 

It ain’t a surprise that tobacco is a work of evil. It’s caused a lot of complications growing up, and I’d be a fool to let it gain the upper hand against me. Thankfully, I had Pam next to me, who urged me to kick the habit.

I believe in every person that smokes; they eventually start to think about quitting. Then, they’ll start looking at the packaging and actually reading the fine print. It’d say something along the lines of “tobacco products are known to cause cancer,” and if you start to take that in, it’s a crazy choice that people are still choosing to make.

I thought I was doing better by switching to tobacco snuff, but it isn’t much better at all. While you’re taking the smoking aspect away, you’re just absorbing the toxins differently. It may even be worse as it directly affects your mouth. Of course, it has all the same addictive qualities as well.


Benefits of Herbal Snuff

Once I told Pam that I wanted to quit smoking and using tobacco products altogether, she was jumping for joy. Unfortunately, my addiction to it had reared its ugly head and inserted itself between us. It was either the smell of the smoke, my bad breath, or my need to have a puck of tobacco on me at all times. It was not healthy in the slightest. So we decided that we were going to end this habit together.

It was a godsend that Pam started developing herbal snuff. I always had the idea of quitting, but now we have taken the means to finally move on. We used tea as our base because it had a lot of the same qualities as tobacco but was much better for you. So that was our starting point.

After about a hundred batches, we hit our gold standard. Out of all-natural products, we made that simple long-cut, loose style puck that has all the taste, consistency, and texture that we’re all used to. But, of course, we left all the tobacco and nicotine out of it too.

Using herbal snuff is chock-full of benefits instead of tobacco (or maybe even other herbal snuff products if we’re being truthful here). Our tea substrate is non-toxic, smells great, and is completely safe to swallow. In addition, the herbal snuff gives your whole body a natural energy boost from your mouth to your heart to even your digestive system.

It made quitting tobacco an easier transition as you’re not just taking away nicotine; you’re replacing it with something better—something your body actually wants and will thank you for in the long run.


How I’m Living Now

Together, Pam and I decided that we wanted to help other people reap the benefits of Schmitty’s Herbal Snuff too. We even made certain adjustments in our original formula to suit other needs and consistencies. As a result, our website features a range of different flavors, textures, and health benefits.

For example, if you don’t like the traditional style, we offer a chew option with Schmitty’s Herbal Pouches. The sleep and energy versions are our most proud moments as it shows our progress as product makers. Pam and I are always in the kitchen trying new teas and recipes, so even new products can be on the horizon.

I just thank God and Pam for being able to help me through all of this. She was just so patient and wanted the best for us as a family, which means being around long-term. We both didn’t know if that would be the case if I kept on smoking or using tobacco snuff. So through much trial and error, we tested every product out there when trying to get me to quit the nasty stuff.

None of them really worked until we started making our own. Just like Pa used to tell us, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Interestingly enough, Pam was the one who really took it upon herself to help me when I was struggling.


The Finest Herbal Snuff

Nowadays, Pam and I can go fishing, and while I keep the Schmitty’s Herbal Snuff on me, I don’t feel bad about it. I can take a load off and just focus on enjoying the moment with her. Since it replaces the lightheaded feeling of tobacco snuff with natural energy, I feel like I’m just right there with her. In terms of getting used to a different kind of snuff, I can barely even notice the difference now. I just think it’s crazy that we didn’t try it sooner.

Life is easier when you don’t have that worry hanging over your head. So I replaced my addiction with something not only non-toxic but good for me. I know it sounds too good to be true, but you’re just going to have to try it yourself and see. It’s about time now that you quit too!