What I Miss and What I Don’t Miss About Chewing Tobacco

What I Miss and What I Don’t Miss About Chewing Tobacco

Recently, a good fishing buddy of mine who “kicked the can” in favor of going from Grizzly to Schmitty’s Tobacco-Free dip asked me point blank two questions when we were fishing:

  • What did I miss about chewing real tobacco vs. using nicotine-free dip?
  • What didn’t I miss about my longtime favorite chewing tobacco? 

Two damned good questions, from one ex- tobacco user to another.

My first response was, “with Schmitty’s tobacco free dip, I don’t have to miss anything! I get the same smell, flavor, spit and burn as my old “go-to” snuff”. He understood from his own use of wintergreen dip. Then, he asked me if I missed the Nicotine buzz.  

After thinking about this question and how much better I feel now that I quit Nicotine (lower standing heart rate and lower blood pressure), I told him “I don’t really miss it that much and that I still get a bit of a kick from the caffeine found in Schmitty’s products, that to me, somewhat mimics the same effect I used to get from throwing in a dip of snuff”.

Our conversation came to a pause after some fish unluckily swam into our net. After which, we had to reset our lines and readers for the next catch. While we were doing so, I realized that there was one thing that I missed about my old chew: I could find it anywhere, in any convenience store or grocery store across the US. So if I ever ran out, I could always get my fix from somewhere nearby.

I realized at this moment that as we continue our national roll-out at Schmitty’s (currently coming into distribution for retail in over 20 states and growing), that soon, Schmitty’s will be a staple in convenience locations across the country. Nicotine & Tobacco Free Dip will be readily available to our users whenever they need it and wherever they’re going!

It wasn’t long before our conversation on the lake quickly changed to other topics, high school sports, college days, other days in the field, etc. My buddy reminded me of the time we crashed his jeep 4-wheelin’ back in college and how I swallowed my entire “1/5th of a can of goober slime” chew when my face smashed into the dashboard.

That’s when I started thinking about his second question… what I didn’t miss about Chewing Tobacco Snuff and how Schmitty’s Tobacco-Free dip helped me overcome my nearly 40-year addiction. But unfortunately, the day ended, and I realized I didn’t fully answer his second question!

So when I got home, I outlined my thoughts about what I didn’t miss about chewing tobacco and how important Tobacco and Nicotine Free dip has been for me.

I don’t miss paying an ever-increasing “sin” tax on tobacco products. Here, in my home state of Washington, when I started chewing a can of snuff, it was just $1.15, and today, it has now eclipsed to over $10.00 per can!

Schmitty’s Traditional Tobacco & Nicotine Free dip costs our users half as much at retail as the top shelf “legacy” MST products. So even if you’re trying to wean off tobacco or nicotine or any other illicit substance (depending on your state), saving 50% per year on your MST spending budget is never really a bad thing.

My life insurance policy now costs me 70% less on my annual premium now that I am tobacco and nicotine-free! In my instance, I saved a massive $6,000 per year for switching to Nicotine Free Dip with Schmitty’s.

Now that I’m using Schmitty’s Tobacco-Free Dip, I’m covered 24/7. With Schmitty’s Nicotine-Free Dip, I can use: Energy Pouches to get me going in the AM, Traditional pouches for the daytime, Reserve CBD to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, and Sleep Pouches to help me fall asleep and stay asleep at night. My old snuff never gave me those types of options for different effects other than simply “mainlining” the feeling of nicotine.

I truly believe that Tobacco-Free and Nicotine-Free Dip, such as Schmitty's, enables the traditional MST user to keep a hold of his/her legacy. Any MST user can still enjoy all the aspects and enjoyment of chewing moist snuff products while not sacrificing additional years of their lifetimes to illnesses and addiction.

I’m glad that I can help other people on their journeys toward enjoying all of their favorite pastimes. Now they can do so without any deviation from their long histories and experiences, and they can enjoy them in a healthier way.